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Sharable Content Drives More Leads

Posted by Caroline Broms on May 26, 2016 11:00:00 AM
Content not only has to be relevant and important to your business and your fans, but it has to have a greater motive beyond just getting eyes on it. Sharable content is the make it or break it factor for all your marketing need to knows-- without it, it is incredibly hard to get your name out there, but the key to success is sharable content that is worthy of being shared. So the question is, how do you create great sharable content?

The first step to understanding sharable content is understanding your audience's needs and what they want to see. Something that doesn't resonate with your reader is a piece of content that pretty much goes unnoticed, so it is vital to know the three best ways to connect with your readers.

1) Emotional Content is Key: A piece of content that is able to strike a cord in a reader, is an instant share. Your audience is made up of emotionally driven readers, they already know what you can do for them, but they want to connect with your business on more in depth levels.  Not only will they connect with your business, but they will connect with the content, however, remember, not all content has to be sappy and heartwarming, emotions range beyond the feel good stories.

2) Know Your Audience: As previously mentioned, knowing your audience and what they need is crucial, if not the most important factor that goes into deciding what type of content to write and produce. Just because a piece of content has worked in the past, doesn't mean that it is going to work as well again. Your audience will differ in needs, ages, demographics, etc, so remember your content isn't going to hit home with everyone, but that is why it is so important to continue to create content on a regular basis. 

3) Think Outside the Box: Nobody said writing content was easy, so don't be afraid to post pieces that might get some confused faces at first. People will relate to opinion pieces just as well as they will with fact pieces. So go ahead, post something you feel is edgy and might received a lot of comments on. Who ever said comments were a bad thing?

So just remember when you are posting content and creating your content calendar about the types of content that succeed and bring the shares, because the more shares you get, the more your business gets out there and who better to brag about how great you are than your current customers. So get sharing!


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