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Self-Promos Are Back: Why They Help to Boost Your Company marketing

Posted by Caroline Broms on Jun 21, 2016 12:46:27 PM

Up until recently, self-promos by companies have been considered shameless and unnecessary; however, despite the stigma attached to them, there is a reason why they do so well and that is because they capture the eye and interest of the audience.  The key to creating a well-executed promotional marketing plan is to make sure that it is done the right way and to make yourself stand out amongst your competitors, using four simple and easy tools.
1)Make It Memorable: First and foremost it is important to choose a self-promo that is memorable and can be used as a leverage to create bigger branding opportunities. The product itself isn't enough to make it stand out. Products should be combined with unique packaging that opens up to an even greater motivation--something that is engaging and relevant to the audience. Another great point to touch upon is stress points among the audience---find a way to create something that provides a solution for their work related problems.

2) Create Taglines that Matter: Not all products used for promotions have to be fancy or expensive, but a capturing tagline will make all the difference. Using the combination of creative messaging, packaging, and delivery, the product will end up speaking for itself, no matter what it is or what the cost of it. For those companies that aren't familiar with the usefulness of promotional products or slogans, this will help them to see the benefits of more outside the box approaches.

3) Leave Room for Creativity: Find a way to separate yourself from competitors and other companies using similar marketing techniques. There has to be a way to make your audience choose you over anybody else, whether it is their first time or they are a happy, returning client. As we have previously spoken about, millennials will be, and still are the hardest people to please, so finding an engaging way to connect with them will ensure that you have covered all your bases in your audience. 

4) Don't Forget to Follow Up: Depending on what your goal is with regards to your self-promos, always remember to follow up, set expectations and determine what you are looking for regarding clients and their prospective business. You must be responsible for maintaining the open line of communication you have created through your marketing--only you can control the outcome.


Whether you decide to go big or go small with your choice of promotional products and marketing, remember to follow these four simple rules and you will be sure to have success using what may be a new marketing technique for you and your team, but is really a tried and true strategy in the marketing world. 

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